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What is Thristy affiliates plugin and how to use ?

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In web business affiliate marketing is an important term.

Most of the bloggers have the idea what affiliate marketing is [click here to know more].

In this, post  we will talk about ThirstyAffiliates.

What is use of ThirstyAffiliates?

ThirstyAffiliates is a plugin designed for affiliate marketers.The plugin is used to manage affiliate link in one place and you can edit all affiliate link for one place.

When we signup for an affiliate program we get an affiliate link which is very hard to remember.This plugin will generate a user-friendly URL which will be equivalent to your affiliate url.

Affiliate URLs?

These URLs are provided by the company for which you opted as affiliate .these URL are like this

Here product id is id to Services or product you are promoting and affiliate id is unique id which is associated with your account.You will manage and track all your clicks and affiliate Id’s from the affiliate Dashboard.

Features of ThirstyAffiliates

  • This plugin converts these long affiliates links to good looking URL which are easy to remember.


This Url is more user-friendly as compared to affiliates Url.Ist URL look like spam but cloaked URL look’s nice 🙂

  • Easily insert link into post

It’s one of best features of ThirstyAffiliates.You can insert cloaked link from your visual editor.

thristy affiliates

You can add cloaked URL into your post by clicking on the ThirstyAffiliates button.Here you two button

Add Affiliate link: – Add Existing clocked URLs.

Quick add affiliate link: -If you have URL that you have not cloaked then you can make a cloaked URL.It’s become very fast to add URL.


  • Autolinking words

It’s an add-on to the ThirstyAffiliates plugin.It helps you to add links to specific keywords that are defined by you.

You can add cloaked URLs to all keyword’s in one go but in manual it may be possible you may miss a keyword.You can limit the no of keyword that you want to link to the keyword in a post.

  • Link categories

Its main purpose is link management.This comes handy when you have to deal with many companies with each more than 2 services.

.You can add a category name to affiliate company and then add services you want to promote.

Get it here


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