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How to migrate website from hostgator to cloudways ?

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As we know Cloudways is major cloud hosting provider.They provide a variety of cloud hosting from Webhosting to hosting is a better option than shared web hosting during high traffic spikes.Cloud web hosting provide less latency time due to the availability of server in different locations.I have listed some of the major cloud web hosting features.

  • Protect your website from high traffic spikes and DDOS attacks.In the case of high traffic, they distribute your traffic to the different server for better performance and user experience.
  • In shared web hosting there is only one location of serving your website but in the case of cloud, your website is on different servers so that one goes down others are will be still working!
  • In cloud hosting, you can have on-demand resources for your website [You can increase your web resources during high traffic without downtime ].

In this post I will show how to migrate your website from HostGator or any other web hosting to cloudways cloud hosting .if you don’t have cloudways hosting then you can get here  [ 25% Discount ].

Steps to migrate your website

  • click on Servers and the following screen appear.

Enter the platform where you want to deploy [Use WordPress for WordPress blog].

➨Enter your app name, server name, and project name.

➨choose your preferred deploy service.

choose the provider which provide good services at the 

location of your target audience and have big network map.

➨choose your Server Ram [it can vary from 512MB to 64 GB depending upon your web app].

➨choose server location as considering target auidence.

➨click deploy.

  • Next, go to your currently installed WordPress website and install a plugin “CloudWays WordPress  Migrator” and activate it.
  • Go to Installed plugin >> cloudways WordPress migrator >>setting.

Then below screen will appear


Here are some inputs

➨Email – your email registered with cloud ways.

➨Destination URL – You website URL that is given on your Cloudways Dashboard.

➨Enter  all the detail and click on migrate.

After the migration process is complete it will show completed!

Now your website is successfully migrated to cloud hosting server and now you can handle more traffic.First, complete migration of your website then removing the previous website to prevent downtime.

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