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How to install wordpress on google cloud ?

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Google cloud is most advanced and fast cloud platform. Many of times your website have to suffer downtime and slow loading time.There comes the cloud platform where you can have your website with no such problem.


What is the cloud ?

Cloud offers you to your work on online, store files and computing Cloud is a much more scalable technology with user increasing at a faster rate.

In the case of web hosting,  cloud offer services like cloud hosting. In which the best part features is that you have servers all over the world and can deliver content to your user from the nearest location with very latency time as compared to VPS servers and shared servers.Cloud hosting has the ability to deal with high traffic spikes with no down time.You can increase your resources with simple sliders that you can’t do easily in shared or VPS hosting.Most of the big websites have already shifted to cloud hosting as you can run custom software on it !.

Benefits of cloud

  1. Availability

The biggest feature of the cloud is its availability on the web .In the cloud, your website is copied over multiple web servers so that you have a backed copy of your work.

Cloud hosting provide low latency time and faster loading speed  and having nearly no downtime for your website


scaling cloud

By scalability, it means availability of “On demand resources“.As by its definition assume you have a website running with some resources and suddenly your website suffer traffic spikes [Having a lot of visitors] ..Then you can provide you content without disrupting anything by scaling your website resources to more Computing, more RAM to handle more no visitors at same time.But in other cases like shared web hosting or VPS servers you website many go down to have an upgrade for your resources.As cloud hosting companies offer services like “on demand resources” with “pay as you go“.It means you have to pay only for the resources you are using.


cloud security

cloud web hosting is much more secure than shared web hosting. Most of cloud hosting companies provide an extra layer of security with their plans eg Google cloud is a well-known example of this.

Security is a major challenge in the case of a website ..even a small loophole can destroy your entire work.With this security features, I have mentioned the backup feature above in Available option. With this, you can recover your website .Most important things are that you have not to do an update to cloud ..Developer will take care of all the updates and security patches.

3.Load Balancing and CDN

load balancing

Load balancing is just like distributing your traffic across various web servers so that visitor can have a better speed and experience.Sometimes your website may have large no of users in that case cloud servers will distribute loads between them.

Another point is CDN or content delivery network which deliver the static file of your website [ images, CSS, js ] at a faster speed by caching it on SSD space.CDN is most important for image intense websites like news and entertainment.


Introduction to google cloud

Google offers various services one of them is cloud computing.As google is a powerful company in cloud hosting and good reputation so we have reasons to go with it .Google have different services like

and much more …

Why choose google cloud

  • Google has huge and advanced cloud infrastructure to give the performance to users.
  • Offers power analytics and statics tool to analysis your apps in live time and optimize it.
  • Have pay per time policy ..which gives your an economic relief.
  • A Large group of servers and having best developers from all over the world to maintain its cloud infrastructure and to provide support.

Install WordPress on Google cloud

First of all, you should have a  Purchased Google Cloud account .if you haven’t that get it from here.

Step 1: Go to Google developer console Dashboard.

google cloud console

step 2: Create a project by click Under project Menu and fill all details like name,  billing account etc.

Enable Cloud Deployment Manager API .

cloud api enable

step 3: Go to Google cloud app launcher and search for  Wordpress in the search section and click on it.

Under Blog/cms section.

cloud wordpress

Step 4 : Click on Launch on Compute Engine .

cloud wordpress deploy


Step 4: Configure by check on these Boxes.

  • Install PhpMyadmin  [ My sql Database management ].
  • Enable Google Cloud Monitoring [ Check analytics ].
  • Allow HTTP traffic and HTTPS traffic [ Configuring firewall].

Click on deploy to finish .That’s it you have configured your wordpress installation.

On the next screen all your credential will be shown .Please take a note of them and Don’t share them with anyone.



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