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How to setup wordpress locally Using Xampp

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WordPress is most popular CMS system.When we are starting a blog or website on WordPress framework we need to know about its core features.But the question is “I don’t have any hosting to start ” … the answer is setup WordPress locally.Wordpress local server is the best alternative for the peoples who are just going to start with WordPress and don’t have much experience.In today’s post, I will show you how to install WordPress locally and configure it.

Setup WordPress locally using Xammp on windows 10.

Xampp is free opensource cross platform app for Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl is the best solution for local WordPress installation.

Today I will use Xampp and my windows 10 the to set WordPress locally, Let’s start

First Go to Apache Friends website.


Choose your WordPress local installation platform .its cross platform features make it as widely used software.

xammp cross plateform

Open the installer.

  • Read and accept terms and click next.
  • Proceed with default selected features.
  • choose your local WordPress installation directory and proceed.
    After Xampp is installed successfully.Open its Panel [From here you will control all servers and services and your installations].

xammp local server setup

Here we need only two services for our WordPress installation Apache, MySql.

Next, download latest WordPress zip from [Please check its compatibility with your installed PHP version ! ].

Extract the WordPress.4.X.X into “your Xampp Installation Directory / htdocs” or click on Explorer on Xampp Panel and go to the htdocs directory.

Here put the extracted WordPress folder.

Your website URL will be http://locahost/wordpress if you want your address to

 be http://localhost/ then delete all file from htdocs directory and

 place the content of WordPress [extracted folder] into it.

start apache and MySql Server from admin panel.

Go to Xampp phpMyadmin in the panel or go to http://localhost/wordpress/phpMyadmin.

Login with credentials [ if you haven’t set yet then use deafult].

Username: root

Password :

Click on create Database and give it any name You want [Please remember this name ].

create db phpmyadmin

Now you are ready to go.

Go to http://localhost/ of http://localhost/wordpress [Dependending on your installation above]

  • Choose your Installation language.
  • Fill in the details.

➨ Fill in your database name you just created.

➨Fill in the username and password [Use default if you haven’t set].

➨ Leave other things as default.

  • click on Install and  Wordpress is successfully configured.

Fixing the port error 

  • When you start there may be some error like this

xammp error

Solution: This may be due to IIS services running in background.

To stop it Run command as administrator “net stop WAS” the Enter Y when prompted and IIS services will be stopped.You have to do this everytime you start your computer.I will show you a permanent solution to this below.

Go to Administrative Tools [or RUN “services.msc”] and click on “Services”.

IIS stop

Right click Services >> properties.

Choose startup type to “Manual”.

  • if the error persists, Then it may be due to the blocking of port by firewall Then go to your firewall and unblock ports 80,443.
    or close skype services.
  • if error still not go then here is final solution Go to Xampp panel >> config in Apache tab>> apache(httpd.conf) [open with notepad].
    search for “Listen 80” change it to “Listen 70” [you can place any port that is not blocked].

Now search for “ServerName localhost:80” change the port to same number “ServerName localhost:70” and

save it ..restart Xampp.

Now your website URL will be “http://locahost:71/wordpress“.

Hope you like it 🙂

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