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How to install WordPress on hostgator Hosting ?

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WordPress is well-known PHP based cms.As WordPress power, about 25 % of websites it’s become important for us learn it.Wordpress makes Content management easier So you do not have to worry about big codes of databases WordPress will take care.

So today I will show you how to install wordpress on Hostgator hsoting .First of all you must have a domain name and account with Hostgator if you do not have get it here with Great Deals.


Step By  Step Guide to Install WordPress on Hostgator Hosting

  • Go to your cpanel and search for Quick Install or WordPress

  • Click on WordPress button and below page will open

Here are three inputs

  • In Choose Protocol  “HTTP://” is set by default.You can choose “HTTPS” if you have a valid SSL certificate installed on your server [Its secure than http].
  • In choose domain choose your domain on which you want to install WordPress.
  • In the “In Directory” choose you installing directory
if you choose 'wp' the your root address will be ''
if you left it blank then your root address will be ''

  • Scroll Below

Here you have to enter site name and site description.These will appear on site upper URL bar.

  • Go down

    Enter your Admin credentials.You will be using these credential while logging into you WordPress admin dashboard.Choose strong passwords !.

After that click on Install button and its done.

Your website address and login URL will be shown on next screen 🙂

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