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How to Get a good webhosting for your Blog or website

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Webhosting is next thing you do after purchasing a Domain name.In this Post, I will talk about various Webhosting and deals on them.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is Used in hosting the domain you own.Your domain will direct users to the web space you are given to You by the web hosting company.

How to choose Webhosting?

Choosing Webhosting is one of the most difficult topics as you don’t know which web hosting is good .while choosing the web hosting you have to consider these points below.

Web hosting is of  many types:

Shared Webhosting: web hosting- In this type of web hosting a single server is shared between multiple users.In this plan your CPU and Ram resources are limited.This type of hosting is good for beginners who are just entering the blogging industry and not having much traffic.

WordPress Webhosting: This is similar to above web hosting but the difference is in the performance of servers and optimization.In this plan, you will get servers that are optimized for WordPress and built for high-speed serving.Beginners may go with this plan if they have some viral content to publish after starting.

VPS web hosting: This plan is the more powerful version of above plans.In this plan, you will get full access to the server, and you are the only user.

Its performance is much better than above two.This plan is very costly for beginners.This plan is best for bloggers who are having thousand of visits per day.

cloud Webhosting and computing: technlogyThitechnology that powered Webhosting.This web hosting will cost you near the VPS plan or less than it.But give performance equivalent of more than VPS.It has more features than VPS.Most of bloggers and webmaster are going with it as it handles traffic spikes on your blog/website, scalable and reliable.

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Check Web hosting Reviews

There are tons of websites available on the Internet which will give you honest reviews.You can check them but some of them are biased as they are getting a good money from web hosting companies as an affiliate.So check no of reviews and reputation of the website first.

Points to consider while choosing web hosting plans:-

  • Choose Trusted companies as there are many scams in markets which will provide you cheap web hosting which has lack of support or have low performance.
  • Choose web hosting depending on your content .if you are starting a website in e-commerce field then you need a good web hosting [VPS or cloud is best suited ] .if you are beginner blogger then go for shared plans or VPS plan [depending upon traffic on your website /blog].
  • Always choose plans for a long term as it saves you a lot of money even 50-60%.
  • Choosing a web hosting that provides complete refund period if you not like the hosting then you can change it.
  • while choosing the webhosting choose the web hosting company that provided good services in your targeted country [Make user experience Better].

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