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How to connect to webserver using SFTP ?

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SFTP is knowns as “secure file transfer protocol“.It’s a method of transferring files between two system securely.

Webmasters use SFTP to transfer files to and from their web directory.In some case, there are CPanel not available with hosting account so you have to connect with SFTP credentials.Almost every web server support SFTP or SSH …so it’s important to get some knowledge of them.Most of the webmaster consider SFTP over FTP as its more secured [secured over ftp].

How to connect using SFTP

You can connect to the web server by this command:-

ssh [email protected]

When you connect first it will prompt for certificate verification [click on yes if you trust].Enter your password to continue.

You must setup SSH keys that will help you connect fastly and securely.When you are connected it will show like this

[email protected] $

It’s like a Linux terminal you can use most of Linux commands like cd, ls, nd set permissions if you have admin access.

Now you can use SFTP to transfer files.

I am listings some useful commands 🙂

sftp> ?
Available commands:
cd path                       Change remote directory to 'path'
lcd path                      Change local directory to 'path'
chgrp grp path                Change group of file 'path' to 'grp'
chmod mode path               Change permissions of file 'path' to 'mode'
chown own path                Change owner of file 'path' to 'own'
help                          Display this help text
get remote-path [local-path]  Download file
lls [ls-options [path]]       Display local directory listing
ln oldpath newpath            Symlink remote file
lmkdir path                   Create local directory
lpwd                          Print local working directory
ls [path]                     Display remote directory listing
lumask umask                  Set local umask to 'umask'
mkdir path                    Create remote directory
put local-path [remote-path]  Upload file
pwd                           Display remote working directory
exit                          Quit sftp
quit                          Quit sftp
rename oldpath newpath        Rename remote file
rmdir path                    Remove remote directory
rm path                       Delete remote file
symlink oldpath newpath       Symlink remote file
version                       Show SFTP version
!                             Escape to local shell
?                             Synonym for help

Putty is available for all operating systems [windows, ubuntu, mac].

  • Download and install putty and open it.

Here in Host IP ➨Remote-host-ip

Use SSH connection by default and port 22 [unless specified by server admin].

click on connect and a terminal will open asking for you username.Enter it and then password and you will be connected.

Here is another desktop client that is used for ssh “FileZilla“.It’s more user-friendly than above …

  • Download and install it and open it.


Host ➨ Remote-host-ip

Fill in your username and password and click quick connect.

After connection, In the right window, your web server directory will be listed like you offline directory as in left.You can drag and drop files between both systems and FileZilla will do the rest !.

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