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How to add Addon domains in hostgator webhosting ?

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Hostgator offers various plans from single domain hosting to multiple domain hosting.In single domain hosting we are limited to 1 domains but multiple domain we can addon domain to our primary domains.Friend’s I am assuming you have a hosting with Hostgator [If you don’t have click here for offers].

I will show how to add more domains to your primary domain on HostGator hosting. Let’s Start

  • Login to your Cpanel and search for addon domains and click on it


  • Note:if you have multiple domain hosting Only the this option will be shown
  • Addon domain is a tab where you can manage all your domains that are an add-on to your primary domain.Here you can add, delete and edit addon domains.

On clicking, below screen will appear


Here you have entered three things:-

  • New domain Name: it’s the domain that you are going to add
if you want to add then fill "yourdomain" in domain name
  • In the document, root choose the directory in which you will use for the domain and its files.
  • Click on add Domains and addon domain will be created.

You must have domain ownership and its name servers must point towards HostGator name servers.

Here is  knowledge point:-

  • Addon domain you added is also a subdomain of your primary domain.

You can access by (As an Addon Domain Name) (As a Subdomain Name) (As a subfolder)

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