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Guide to Add Browser Push Notifications to your WordPress site

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As User targeting is one of the major sources of driving traffic so most of the blogger are Using PUSH notifications.

Push notifications

In this method, you send recent updates or post in the form of Notifications to user’s Browser or Device.These type of notifications are most targeted and you can provide latest updates to User instantly.You may have seen push notification on your android device or browser that usually occur on the right corner of the browser.

I used PushEngage notification service in this post .if you don’t  have you can get it here for free [ Send Unlimited notifications messages to 2500 User simlutaneously].

There are many types of notifications you can send some of them are below:

1.Safari style Notification

This notification will have UI of safari browser notification.As these type of notification have sleek look and So these are most used by bloggers.Here is look of Notification

2.Bell style Notifications

Visitor subscribes to notifications by clicking on bell present on the right corner.Have a look 

3.Bar style subscribe

Here user browser will have a bar on the bottom displaying prompt to subscribe to the notification.

Steps to Add Browser Push Notifications to your WordPress site

They offer many paid plans but there is also a free plan .Go to the website and complete the signup process.

Enter your details and subdomain you want to choose

  • After completing the signup process.

Go to Settings >> Installation Settings   and apply your website setting and upload logo of your website

  • Go to Plugins > Add New and search for “PushEngage”. Install and activate the plugin. [Link to the plugin]
  • You need an API Key to completely activate the plugin.

Go to Setting >> Get API Key >> Generate API Key

  • Choose the UI of Notification 

Go to Settings >> Subscription Dialog setting

There will be four type of Box available choose any of them, Safari style is popular.


  • Go to Dashboard and choose Push engage.

Enter your API key there and activate it .

  • You may confiure GCM as it helps you to send notifications to Android devices and chrome based apps.

Check out How to configure GCM

How to send Notifications

Go to Notification >> New notification and create a notification, send it.

Manage statistics

You can manage all the stats at Dashboard.Here you will see

  • All subscriber report
  • Live subscribers and views
  • Subscriber Graph analytics

Notify on update

This plugin will add extra button in post section from where you can manage the notification of the post.

Go to PushEngage

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