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10 WordPress plugin that supercharge your website

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WordPress plugins are the piece of codes that adds extra functionality to your WordPress blog or website.There are plenty of plugins available in the market but here I am giving you the list of plugins that can supercharge your website.So Let’s start


Jetpack Plugin is the most important plugin for any WordPress beginner.It includes tools which make WordPress easy eg. Site stats, image optimize, Security, Downtime Monitoring etc.

Jetpack have functionality like site stats so that you can analyze your website live visitor and enhance it for visitor experience.

Image optimize Optimizes images in your media library for fast loading time and SEO.

Security: protect your website from Brute force attacks and malwares with automatic scanning.

  • Backup and restore your website

Jetpack Widgets:-

  • Image widget: Display an image in the sidebar.
  • Twitter widget: display your Timeline.
  • Top post: Display latest posts.
  • Author widget: Display author information.

2.Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a plugin to boost your Website Rankings in search engines.Yoast SEO has over 1 million downloads in WordPress directory.Yoast plugin helps you to change meta titles and many other things that effect Ranking in search engines.It has a dashboard to alert on concerning issues.

The plugin comes with lots of features:-


  • Change meta description and meta title of each individually.
  • Google search snippet live preview.
  • Focus keyword analysis.
  • Meta Robots configuration.
  • Breadcrumbs, RSS header, and footer.
  • XML sitemap generate
  • .htacess and robot.txt editor.
  • Verify Google webmaster, Bing webmaster, and Yandex webmaster easily.
  • Transfer configuration during site transfer.
  • and much more

3.W3 Total Cache

Its most important plugin for your website.It drastically increases your website speed by caching, minifying and compression static files.

It uses some advanced techniques to optimize your website performance.It has support for MAXCDN.Its is the most advanced caching engine that caches your website to static HTML pages.

Features :-

  • Page Caching: caches you pages to HTML pages to improve loading times.
  • Minify: Minify your website CSS and js to improve loading time.
  • Database caching: Cache your database files so to make fast query process.
  • CDN: CDN to cache your website static images and files to delivery it fastly.

4.WP Smush it

SMUSH IT plugin is the plugin you must have if your website uses lots of images.This plugin optimize images on the website to make it load faster.

This plugin uses some advanced optimization technique to optimize images without losing in the quality of images.

5.Social warfare

social warfare

Most important thing for a blogger is to share his content.This plugin has most advanced social share UI and features.This plugin is used by large numbers go bloggers.

With this plugin, you can add a floating bar on the website which will contain social networks you select.You can change its setting for posts, pages, and categories.

Its UI is BEST !. Check it out here.


contact form 7

Contact form 7 is the best plugin for making contact pages.This plugin has nearly 4.9 rating in WordPress directory and very large number of downloads.

This plugin is light and high integrable.You can integrate many things like captcha etc.There are a lot of add-ons available in the directory with which you can make amazing contact forms.

Features :-

  • Easily make contact forms
  • Highly integrable with add-ons.


duplicate post plugin

This plugin is most useful when you are creating content with a slight difference.You can create a template of your content and can use it duplicate post plugin.

This plugin reduces most of your work of rewriting and also a draft copy is saved on your web server.

8.Google XML sitemaps

google sitemap

Sitemaps are the link structure of a website.They are used by crawlers and spiders to crawls your website for better indexing which helps to appear your website in search results.This plugin creates a sitemap of your website and provides an URL to access sitemap it may be or

Everyone wants their website to be ranked so this plugin is important.

9.Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights

Monster insights

This plugin is build to provide analytics for your website.It has features of analyzing visits and showing it country wise.

Provide complete URL visits with no of times it’s visited.

Provide a listing of major Domain pointed to your website and Organic search visits.

Code tracking, ADS tracking, Popular post tracking, event tracking and much more …

Integrate with google analytics and show real time stats.



The plugin is used to prevent spam from your comments.This plugin checks the comment against its big database to remove spam.This plugin has over 3 million downloads in WordPress directory.

Everyone should have this plugin to prevent spam and save database space.

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